The Galloping Greyhounds Play Group (GGPG) was established late in 2007 to provide a safe venue for retired racing greyhounds to run for fun and socialization. We also provide information, education and support regarding their unique care needs.

Running greyhounds

Running greyhounds. Photograph by Amberlu Photography.

All greyhounds and their people are welcome, no matter what adoption group they were adopted from, or where they live. Join us every Sunday (rain or shine) at 1:30 p.m. unless otherwise notified. Remember to read the Play Group Rules and contact us for directions to Bidwell Acres.

Galloping Greyhounds Sign

We welcome all greyhounds for a fun run

Bidwell Acres in Burketon, Ontario

We are no longer an adoption group, but the Galloping Greyhounds Play Group (GGPG) supports greyhound adoption programs, and encourages adoption of this gentle, quiet, regal looking breed, once their racing career is over.

Want to learn more about greyhounds? Watch the video below about greyhounds.

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